(October 24, 2012) Northside Drive’s renewal a critical “next step” to bolstering continued revival of Downtown, Midtown

Posted on SAPORTA REPORT website on October 24, 2012
Posted by David Pendered
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Consider just one aspect of the challenge facing the Georgia Tech study that aims to retool Northside Drive into an urban boulevard that both anchors and promotes the development of Midtown and Downtown:

Northside trestle

The Northside Drive corridor is designed for vehicles, and trains, in this section looking toward I-75 along Northside Drive. Credit: David Pendered

MARTA doesn’t provide regular bus service on Northside between I-75 and I-20, which is the area encompassed by the study. The region’s largest transit system hasn’t identified anywhere along this stretch of Northside that warrants north-south bus service.

That one fact represents many of the challenges for the Tech study. Northside remains a road to destinations that are located away from Northside Drive, rather than as a route to places that are destinations onto themselves.

Consider another aspect of Northside Drive: The main destination that’s advertised on official signs along I-75 near the Northside exit is the Georgia Dome, located miles to the south of the highway.

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