(August 23, 2012) UPDATE: Mitchell Street bridge – not just for zombies anymore!

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Posted by Debbie Michaud
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UPDATE: Yesterday I spoke with Mark McKinnon of the GA DOT, who told me that the bridge had been redesigned from one-way into a bi-directional roadway with bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides. Hours later, GA DOT press secretary David Spear sent out a press release saying the new bridge “features three lanes (one-way eastbound as is Mitchell St. in this area). It has a parking lane on the south side; sidewalks and a bike lane on the north side.” I called both Spear and McKinnon to confirm. Spear says the release is correct (McKinnon didn’t return my call). I’m swinging by on my way home to verify, but for the time being, consider yourselves updated.


Old view of Mitchell Street - this bridge swings both ways now, baby.

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  • Old view of Mitchell Street – this bridge swings both ways now, baby.

More than four years and $8.5 million later, the Mitchell Street bridge finally reopened to the public today at 11 a.m. The bridge straddles the Gulch, a vast expanse of railyard and parking lot south of Philips Arena, and connects Northside Drive to Downtown and Castleberry Hill. Originally built in 1924 around the original railroad junction that gave rise to Atlanta, the bridge was rebuilt in 1940 and then closed indefinitely in 2008 after being deemed structurally unsafe.

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