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please contact
Guanying ‘Vicky’ Li
Research Assistant
MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
Phone: 404-395-6122

Our team:

Instructor: Prof. Michael Dobbins

Whole  Corridor Group:
Eric Phillips                          MCRP (Transportation) candidate
Margaret Carragher          MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
Wenwen ‘Zoe’ Zhang         MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
Joshua Levin                        MCRP (Urban Design) candidate

SRTA Group:
Tanya Bedward                    MCRP (Transportation) candidate
Aaron Gooze                         MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
Garrett Hyer                         MCRP (Urban Design) candidate
Lydia Kalinke                       MCRP (Transportation & Urban Design) candidate

Mid Corridor Group:
Sarah Marie McColley      MCRP (Urban Design) candidate
Landon Reed                        MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
James Wong                         MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
Stefanie Brodie                    PhD (Transportation) candidate

MMPT Group:
Rachel Cox                           MCRP (Land Use & Transportation) candidate
Amy Ingles                           MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
Joel Anders                          MCRP/MSCE (Transportation) candidate
Lauren Cardoni       MCRP/MArch (Transportation and Urban Design) candidate


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